Dreamers of a Different Age

Jarad Dawkins and Malcom Brickhouse aren't your average 6th graders.  This Brooklyn, NY duo met when they were only four years old at a mutual friend's birthday party and promptly decided they would start a band together.  That band was to be called Tears of Blood and they were going to play death metal.  Now, the two have gone through a few years of experience together (and a few band names) and have played all over New York City at familiar locations such as Times Square and The Apollo Theater as the act Unlocking The Truth.  As amazing as those accomplishments are, what truly makes these kids unique is their resolve to dance to their own beat.  In a world filled with pop music and hip hop they have decided to stick with the music they love regardless of what the bullies at school have to say about it.  We could all learn a lesson about dreaming big from these little rockers.  Watch this short biopic video on the guys below.