Fresh Collab // Nunca Duerma X Ewokie Talkie

 Ewokie Talkie is a man of many genre's.  Through the years I've watched him develop from experimental garage rock, to hip hop, to glitch, to sounds that can't even be classified.  This talented young producer has been someone I have looked up to from a pretty young age, going all the way back to our middle school days when he was a grade ahead of me.  I watched as he chased his passion for sounds and melodies when it wasn't the cool thing to do, and I appreciated when he took the time to explain to me what Ableton Live & MIDI controllers were, many years ago.  Now he has performed in countless venues across the midwest and is one of the hardest working musicians I know.   He has recently started playing shows in Chicago with the hometown crew Push Beats and is setting his sights on claiming more real estate across the region.  His latest collaboration is a smooth undulating D&B effort with Chicago beat maker Nunca Duerma.  It walks a narrow line between intensity and relaxation and is sure to have you nodding your head.  Peep the new Track below via SoundCloud, and be sure to give Ewokie Talkie  and Nunca Duerma a like on Facebook.

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