New MGMT Video - Your Life Is A Lie

Our psych-electro friends, MGMT, have a new, trippy video for you; it's full of all the 70's grain you can handle.  We here at Lowkey Music salute the MGMT boys for paddling forward in the musical main-stream, (do you get it???).  All to often, musical minds try to predict the future of what they believe will be marketable.  MGMT does no predicting here, they simply are.  Existential rock at its best.


LWKY Signs 2 Tracks To The Harmony City Mixtape

The hard work is finally beginning to pay off for the LWKY gang!  I am proud to announce that LWKY will be releasing two brand new tracks on August 13th, 2013 under the Pittsburgh based electronic music collective Harmony City.  The tracks will be included on a compilation Mixtape showcasing some of the best underground electronic artist from all over the country.  In the next couple of weeks leading up to the release, we will be featuring a few talented individuals that make up the backbone of Harmony City.  Usually we try to showcase artists on the LWKY Blog that are making their way in the Chicago area, but for the special occasion we are going to spotlight some artist from across the map to bring some cohesion to the Mixtape.  Keep an eye out for the upcoming Harmony City artist profiles and of course watch for the Harmony City Electro Mixtape Vol. 4 dropping August 13th, 2013.  If you can't wait to see what these guys are about....

Check out their last release: 

Electro Mixtape Vol. 3.

NEW MUSIC! - "Hittin' the Bottle" by Lowkey

In honor of our band facebook page hitting 100 likes we are dropping a brand new track for you guys, to thank you all for your support.  We appreciate all the love we have been getting recently and want you all to know how important you are to our creativity (and by default our sanity).  Thank you for being awesome and supportive through our musical journey.  Without further adieu, here is our newest work entitled "Hittin' the Bottle".