Pretty Lights w/ FULL BAND!!! @ Aragon Ballroom

Derek Vincent Smith of Pretty Lights Music has been a very busy man this past year.  He is just coming off of, arguably, one of the biggest electronic album releases of the century.  His 2013 masterpiece called "A Color Map of the Sun" was just released on July 2, 2013 and is already spreading like wild fire.  What is so unique about the album is the way it was made.  Rather than crate digging for samples to put his signature twist on, Smith enlisted a gaggle of session musicians to record the ideas that were in his head.  The result, was a carefully planned, skillfully executed collection of 20 original vinyl recordings.  The collection is comprised of original works by Smith that fall under the Jazz, Soul, and Funk genres that he is so used to sampling to create his signature sound.  Smith then used those 20 LP's to slice and dice and add some new aged flavor in order to create the extremely original album, "A Color Map of the Sun".  This is a relatively new way to approach creating electronic dance music and I believe it has added back the soul that EDM has been missing.  It has been confirmed through several tour dates, an alluding performance on a Conan O'Brian appearance, and a newly leaked photo, that Pretty Lights is now enlisting a live band to support his touring act.  Chicagoans can get their first taste of this delicious new setup on the weekend of November 8th, and 9th, when Pretty Lights throws down at the Aragon Ballroom.  Get your tickets from Silver Wrapper Ticketing now cause they won't last long.     

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The new stage setup for Pretty Lights and his band!