Har Mar Superstar's Podcast - Will it Change the World?

Okay...that might be a bit of a stretch.  But maybe.  The importance of a musical artist's veiled-mysique has long been a key factor in the appeal of any famous musician.  We desire so badly to know the man or woman behind the lyrics & emotion - yet the tinted glass between listener and artist is exactly what allows us to identify with music itself.  For example, some may find it difficult to go to a Tom Cruise movie and actually be affected by the mood of the piece.  Your brain is recognizing the man as the celebrity, not the character.  For the longest time, the musician was home free of this burden, as the music speaks for itself.  Since the days of Twitter & Facebook have taken a strong hold on music promotion, anonymity in the musical medium is virtually gone.

Alas, in the words of Sam Cooke, "A change is gonna come".  Still, this doesn't have to be a detrimental thing.  I give you Har Mar Superstar's brilliant podcast: Nocturnal Emotions.  Here we see a 21st century musician, opening the inevitable drop of the curtain in a style all his own.  Usually podcasting has been regulated to comedians, political thinkers, and other people who talk for a living; Nocturnal Emotions gives us a tempered insight into the mind of Har Mar, without giving up his credibility, only slowly letting us on to his true identity.  Its light hearted tone & unique guest line up make it more than just about Har Mar's antics and music.  Musicians take note: this is the way to do your social media.  I predict many more famous music artists taking Har Mar's lead and following suit.

Listen to his podcast here.  (If I may make a suggestion - start with #1 Macaulay Culkin.  It might be my favorite one of the bunch).