Mortals, meet the Terra Godz - (Lowkey Radar)

You may not have heard of Shintendo64 or Kyd Wah-Lee, but if you claim to be a Chicago hip hop fan then you better read up.  These fire spitters are doing what most of you basement MC's have only dreamed of, they are starting a movement.  The Otokore movement has become far more than just a vessel for music and thats why The Terra Godz have ended up on the Lowkey radar.  Otokore stands for all art and culture, and it represents the multi-faceted creative individuals that propel the movement.  For these guys hip hop is not a game, it's not a hobby or pastime or a way to impress girls.  For these guys, hip hop is life.  They eat beats and bleed rhymes.  They sleep in stanzas and bleed lines.  I've had the pleasure of watching this crew grow almost from day one and what a journey it has been.  The Terra Godz are just coming off their previous release "Terrabytes" which is a compilation mixtape of all the best work coming out of The Terra 5 Collective.  Their latest release is a boom bap-ish banger entitled " Jackal Acts  and features Shintendo64 and Kyd Wah-Lee flowing their best over a beat produced by The Witch Doctor.  Stream & download the new joint below.