I'm Writing This with Headphones on - Paper Thick Walls

This is a little segment called, "I'm Writing This with Headphones on".  In this segment I'm talking about a band that you should be listening to while I'm listening to their recorded music on headphones.

This segment's artist - Paper Thick Walls.

What can I say?  Paper Thick Walls have been kicking ass.  They play mad shows, touring the U.S. & Canada.  When did you do that??  They're also playing a few festivals soon, including Chicago's own Taste Of Lincoln Avenue on July 28th.  The fact that they make folk music influenced of 1970's sentiment is backed up not only by their ambition, but their lyrical coherence as well.  Their song Nyquil, an ode to the solar system's journey, has to be my favorite on their latest bandcamp release.  The perception is about circulation: all before us have been doing this choreographed dance since the dawn of time; we will now give you our version of it.

Paper Thick Walls give us that sense of traditional songwriting, but with the soundscape of a modern generation.  Check their new stuff out, and go see a show if you're in their proximity.  (Listen to their latest music below:)

Visit them on the web! 

Paper Thick Walls Website

Paper Thick Walls Bandcamp


Derek Outson is a member of Lowkey and his own solo project.  Writing while listening to an artist on headphones has been a great massage for his ADD since high school.