Goill.net presents Cody Decamry @ the Sub-T // 7-31-13

There has never been a better time for Hip Hop in the great windy city.  Future generations will look back on our generations MC's like the royalty of the hip hop 90's.  One of those MC's will no doubt be my blunt donning, truth spitting homie Cody Decamy.  Cody has a laid back swagger about him that lets his ganja insfused multi-syllable rhyme schemes spill out like silk.  Thanks to Goill.net, you can peep Cody and his crew at the Sub-T Lounge at the end of the month.  Follow the link below for a complete list of artists and to stay updated on the event.

Cody Decamry @ The Sub-T Lounge


Cody Decamry Facebook Page

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