Friends and Family

Eight Cell 

Eight Cell is a multimedia company based in Chicago that focuses on combining the power of digital production, video mapping, and interactive installs to create the ultimate visual experience at your event.

Imago Art Collective

Imago Collective is a Chicago-based art and design collective.  These guys make some seriously cool art using technology to innovate design.  They have showcased their talents on the largest scale with center piece installations at festivals like Electric Forrest in Rothbury, Michigan

Nebulon Media

Nebulon Media is the brain-child of our good friends Robert Cappitelli and Mike Arnott.  In addition to being an incredibly bright EDM producer, Robert is an unparalleled lighting & laser show designer.  Mike is in a whole league of his own, if it has to do with the entertainment industry, this guy probably knows more about it than you.  He has worked in virtually every facet of the live event industry and maintains a wealth of knowledge on the subject.  Nebulon Media is responsible for some of the coolest most innovative live event visual designs that we have seen in Chicago so far.

The Terra Godz are our brothers in arms.  Follow these guys for all the latest in Chicago Hip-Hop, Anime,  and general coolness.

Derek Outson Music

Derek Outson is the heart and soul of LWKY Music.  Before he discovered his love and talent for electronic music, he cut his teeth as a singer song writer both in his home state of Nebraska and his adopted home of Chicago.  Derek continues to release music and book shows under his self titled project from time to time, so keep your ears to the ground and show some multi genre love.